Un voyage de 8 mois à la rencontre des entrepreneurs sociaux et des journalistes qui partagent une même vision d'un monde en changement…

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Founding partner


logo sparknews

Sparknews is a creative social start-up. Its most notable project to date is the world’s first website for media content about real-world solutions, for journalists, field workers and the general public.

Sparknews values the media’s ability to create and inspire action by reporting on solutions.
Sparknews seeks to develop a concept we call “Impact Journalism” or even “Double Impact Journalism.”

  • The first impact occurs when the media denounces injustice and its derivatives – by alerting us.
  • The second impact occurs when the media shows an existing solution to these problems – it gives us the means to react.

We are a community of journalists, social entrepreneurs and individuals driven by common values and a shared desire to shed light on these initiatives.

Sparknews and the SparkTour

Sparknews has been closely involved in the creation of the SparkTour.

In 1998, Christian de Boisredon, the founder of Sparknews, completed the first world tour concerned with social entrepreneurship to be chronicled online. A best-selling book came out of it, L’Espérance autour du monde (Pocket), which inspired dozens of travelers to follow his example. It was therefore expectable that he should also inspire such a desire in his new intern, Adèle.

Karine, who had to abandon a great traveling project in 2009 because she couldn’t find a motivating force for it, immediately loved and adopted the world tour concept suggested by Christian.

Working over that project since early 2012, we’ve thus created the SparkTour together.

Sparknews is the project’s main supporter and founder, providing both funds and numerous contacts in the journalism and social entrepreneurship fields. We will also be able to count on Sparknews’s well-established visibility to circulate our action.


They support us



Vivendi is a French multinational mass media and telecommunication company headquartered in Paris, France. The company has activities in music, television and film, publishing,telecommunications, the Internet, and video games.

Vivendi combines the world leader in video games (Activision Blizzard), the world leader in music (Universal Music Group), the French leader in alternative telecommunications (SFR), the Morrocan leader in telecoms (Maroc Telecom), the leading alternative broadband operator in Brazil (GVT), and the French leader in pay-TV (Canal+ Group).

Vivendi and the SparkTour

The website “Culture(s) with Vivendi – A Journey through Cultural Diversity” is in line with Vivendi’s sustainable development strategy, which aims to facilitate access to knowledge, encourage the expression of talent and participation in cultural life, and promote a spirit of openness.

logo Cultures with Vivendi

The site is composed of three parts designed to meet specific goals:

  • The “Artist Inspiration” section gives site visitors access to diverse and sometimes little-known musical repertoires and films through a presentation of works that have inspired certain artists, notably in the Studiocanal and Universal Music catalogues.
  • The “Creative jobs” section offers a look at careers in cultural and creative industries.
  • The “Intercultural Dialogue” section provides bridges between continents, invites users to learn more about other cultures and fosters a spirit of openness via a number of testimonials and reports.
Vivendi’s challenge for the next years is to make cultural diversity part of the Millenium Goals, meaning accepting culture as a true and powerful tool to help fighting poverty. With this ambition, Vivendi is comitted in a development project truly in line with the SparkTour’s values.
By supporting the SparkTour, Vivendi strenghtens its ambition and desire to discover real changemakers and help us carry the message that cultural diversity is a great lever of sustainable development.


The Women’s WorldWide Web


W4 Women’s WorldWide Web (W4) is an online collaborative platform dedicated to the empowerment of girls and women around the world, in cities and in rural areas, in both developing and developed countries.

Harnessing the power of digital connection, W4 mobilizes vital support – both financial and in-kind – for organizations doing grassroots work to protect girls’ and women’s human rights and to promote their empowerment. Collaboratively, they work to ensure that girls and women everywhere have access to education, healthcare, economic opportunities, the exercise of their rights, and political participation – all of which benefit girls and women and their families and communities.
W4 also strives to ensure that girls and women across the globe have equal opportunity to be digitally connected and can access the life-enhancing potential of Information and Communication Technologies.
It is  a community of passionate people, from all walks of life, who aspire to a more peaceful, fair and sharing world—one in which girls, women and their families are able to live dignified lives, free from the harms of poverty and the violation of human rights.

W4 is open to everyone: anyone is welcome to connect, get involved and co-create opportunities for girls and women to thrive – along with their families and communities – in all parts of the world.

W4 and the SparkTour

Links between the W4 and the SparkTour or numerous and obvious, and they go beyond professional relationship as a real complicity has been created with the founder of W4, Lindsey Nefesh-Clarke. As women, and very concerned about women’s civil rights, we are very proud to be partners of the W4 network, which is fighting for a cause very important for us both personally and professionally.

W4 comitted to support us financially and as an incredible pool for fascinating initiatives with great social impact. We aim to help those projects gain visibility and impact.


They accompany us



Ashoka was founded in 1980 by Bill Drayton, on the premise that the most effective way to promote positive social change is to invest in social entrepreneurs with innovative solutions that are sustainable and replicable, both nationally and globally. The network identifies and invests in leading social entrepreneurs and helps them achieve maximum social impact.

Ashoka envisions an Everyone A Changemaker™ world: a world that responds quickly and effectively to social challenges, and where each individual has the freedom, confidence and societal support to address any social problem and drive change. Ashoka strives to shape a global, entrepreneurial, competitive citizen sector: one that allows social entrepreneurs to thrive and enables the world’s citizens to think and act as changemakers.

Ashoka Facts :

  • Founded in 1980 by Bill Drayton in Washington, DC
  • Named, created and pioneered the global field of social entrepreneurship
  • Elected the first Ashoka Fellows in India in 1981
  • Established programs in over 60 countries
  • Supports the work of nearly 3000 Fellows

Ashoka and the SparkTour

Ashoka France agreed to help us in identifying the innovative social entrepreneurs in the countries we will visit. Because of Ashoka’s presence on every continent and because of their local networks, we will have a considerable support in getting in touch with our entrepreneurs.

We will also profit from the visibility  of Ashoka in France, especially through their program Jeunes Changemakers, which aims at creating a group of young, innovating project initiators and often puts an emphasis on initiatives like ours. Our action and blog posts can also be circulated by Ashoka through social networks and  their internet website (www.ashoka.fr).




MakeSense is an open project which connects Social Entrepreneurs with supercool individuals ready to take up their challenges : find a social entrepreneur, connect with her, and finally solve her challenges. The connection is online through the app http://www.makesense.org/ (bêta version) but also offline through MakeSense events around the world and, most of all, collaborative workshops called “Hold-Ups”.

The objective of this open project is to accelerate the social impact of social entrepreneurs and help sustain this impact in time by promoting the Social Business concept.

In a year and a half, more than 350 hold-ups have been organised throughout the world. MakeSense members, called the “Gangsters”, are making this community alive day after day. Today they are 560, and the number is increasing! Gangsters all have very different backgrounds and profiles: students, entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, coders… The all share a passion for social entrepreneurship, innovation and social media.

MakeSense, it’s also a facebook page with more than 6.000 fans !

MakeSense also founded:

- CommonsSense, an organization which creates processes, tools and events to build communities around social innovation within organisations (big companies, NGOs, institutions…) ;

- SenseSchool, which invents and animates innovation programmes bringing together students and social entrepreneurs on specific challenges linked to their field of studies.

MakeSense and the SparkTour

Christian, co-founder of MakeSense, started the MakeSense community after completing a tour of Asia himself in 2010, during which he connected with various social entrepreneurs. He’s been a reliable source of advice and inspiration throughout the genesis of the project and the determination of SparkTour’s various objectives.

The community of MakeSense members, which is spread out over about thirty countries, will also be a considerable help in guiding us towards the entepreneurs for whom we are looking. Karine, who has been working at MakeSense for a few months, will be able to maintain a priviledged connection with the co-founders and ensure the continuity of our contacts with the community throughout our journey.

What’s more, we plan on using the “Hold-Up” strategy from MakeSense so that the people we meet will be brought together by the issues they have in common. Through those moments of connection and exchange, we will thus strengthen our network of opinion leaders and social entrepreneurs


Global Social Venture Competition


The GSVC is the unique global student business plan competition for social ventures, organizations that not only create profits, but also a social or environmental return on investment. Every year, the competition support tomorrow’s entrepreneurs to build their most innovative projects! A prestigious final in Berkeley rewards the best projects with a $20,000 dotation.

Change the lives of thousands of Indian women by offering them Prakti Design new improved ovens, use shea butter caterpillars to fight malnutrition in Africa with FasoProt, change the lifes of autist children and their parents thanks to Ball.e… these are few of the amazing challenges taken by the GSVC candidates.

The GSVC and the SparkTour

The GSVC is a worldwide community of social entrepreneurs with a strong social impact, who only need to be known in order to inspire other entrepreneurs. Our strong ties with the French representants of GSVC allow us a priviledged insight into the best projects supported by the network. Those projects fit perfectly with what we’re looking for, since they’ve been developing for a few years and only need a wider advertisement to inspire people on a larger scale.


Media partners

One Heart Channel


Today, charity efforts lack global harmonization and exposure on a regular basis. Even though human awareness is rising, still too many good-willing actions are left undone. Maybe because people do not know how they could contribute. One Heart Channel wants to make a difference. One Heart Channel is the first international multimedia plateform totally dedicated to humanitarian and environmental efforts. One Heart Channel forms a large communication plateform bringing together a great number of humanitarian organizations from all over the world.

One Heart Channel and the SparkTour

One Heart Channel will relay our articles and reports months after months, country after country.

An article and an interview on the SparkTour are also on their way.




The ”Du business et du sens” Club of the Express magazine valorizes initiatives and new models led by social enterprises, and their partnerships with “traditionnal” firms, public services and NGOs. It is an online platform created by Isabelle Hennebelle, head of the Employement section of The Express, editor of the special issue : “Jobs that change the world”.

Each month, The Express will relay a photo slide show of our best moments and encounters in each country.




Ecolo-Info is a non profit project born in May 2007 from the desire to facilitate access to ecological and sustainable development information. At that time, there were less specialized websites on that topic and there were few places where who could easily find verified and classified content.

Today, Ecolo Info is a multifaceted project:

  • Web tools: initial toolbars but also observation tools (Pearltree, Twitter, Delicious)
  • A collaborative blog with more than twenty contributors who deal with news features as well as practical information and satirical pages.
  • A  community of readers commited in the project through comments, the Facebook page (more than 9,700 suscribers), newsletter suscribers…
  • Events that bring people together around ecology topics: conferences, meetings…

You can find our column on Ecolo-Info by following this link.






Youphil.com is a a pure Internet media player on social and solidarity-based news, co-founded in mMarch 2009 by  Jean-Marie Colombani. Be it through a non-profit, humanitarian, philanthropic, corporate, entrepreneurial, environmental, political or innovation-driven lens, Youphil.com deciphers current trends, providing a new perspective on social change. Our team is based in Paris, with correspondents around the world and over thirty guest contributors, all experts in their fields. Youphil.com is also an expert community:  scholars, NGO’s managers, enterprises, consultants and specialized bloggers; and a professional letter:  Tendances de l’Innovation Sociétale.