Un voyage de 8 mois à la rencontre des entrepreneurs sociaux et des journalistes qui partagent une même vision d'un monde en changement…

Our objectives

A double observation

  • Social entrepreneurs are the actors of change in our societies. Their vision, their enthusiasm and their skill allow them to create a better world and improve the daily lives of men and women around them while providing innovative, lasting solutions to present-day issues.

By spreading the news about those initiatives we can make innovation known, and give those people – the architects of change – a chance to develop their ideas and see them replicated all over the world. If we want to promote a new type of society, it is our duty to circulate those ideas. Indeed, capitalizing on already-existing, fully-functioning projects is the only way we can help improve those solutions and thus start addressing the issues of our time. Advertising those new solutions is therefore a way to inspire their propagation and replication, and hopefully turn them into a global phenomenon.

  • Journalists are often considered as harbingers of bad news, even if they play an essential role for society by alerting us to world-changing events. Yet they also communicate initiatives and concrete solutions that participate in opening up our perspectives.

Many of them have started to reflect upon the nature of their jobs and the meaning they want to give them. They are often very eager to circulate those kinds of solution-providing initiatives. Journalists feel a true desire, if not a need, to find reasons to commit themselves further to their work.

Valorizing the positive role of the media around the world can be instrumental in prompting all those who work in the media to mention those topics more often and thus create the right climate for change.

It is through meetings and concrete exchanges between people from both worlds that lasting connections will be established. In order to instigate change, we need to set up those connections between social entrepreneurs and the media.


Chief objectives

  • To enable meetings and exchanges between the media and social entrepreneurs.
  • To use the media and opinion leaders as a means to increase both the social impact and the credibility of the initiatives we support.

Complementary objectives

  • To allow or initiate a change of scale: to answer a very real need for social entrepreneurs to have their work known and recognized ;
  • To introduce social entrepreneurship as a major societal topic and to bring initiatives from young, innovating entrepreneurs to larger crowds;
  • To establish connections between opinion leaders (journalists, bloggers…) and social entrepreneurs: to break down the walls between the actors of change;
  • To present journalists and local opinion leaders with ground-breaking initiatives that will make them want to act and spread the news;
  • To emphasize the good practices and initiatives of the media and advocate a meaningful journalism;
  • To place ourselves as “contact points”, to be a link between the different world tours that already exist: we want to use their networks and connections and help them circulate the initiatives they will come across along their journey.