Un voyage de 8 mois à la rencontre des entrepreneurs sociaux et des journalistes qui partagent une même vision d'un monde en changement…



WELCOME on the SparkTour website, a round-the-world trip who act as the matchmaker between social entrepreneurs and journalists !

Thank you for starting to follow us as from now in our 8-month journey. This journey started a while ago for us, and the trip will end in Septembre 2013 in the US.

First of all, this journey starts with an encounter between two girls from the same business school, doing the same internship in a sustainable development consulting firm. They soon build a strong friendship as they share the same passions : burgers, red wine… but also social business and commitment to meaningful causes.

We decided to leave for good during a charity evening organized for a project of alternative media, and with the help of a small glass of champagne !

So after months of preparation, search of funding, meetings and discussions with journalists, projects initiatiors, partners, friends and various round-the-world travelers, we are finaly (almost) ready and will take off in one month to Senegal, our first stop-over…

What are our mission, ambition and wishes for these 8 months?  To facilitate the connections between the media and the social entrepreneurs and other intiators of projects with a meaning.

One the one hand, we identified the need and wish of journalists to tackle more these kinds of subects. But they don’t know where or how to find them, or they lack time to investigate.

On the other hand, social entrepreneurs often see communication as the last step of the development of their project and don’t make it a priority, when it can actually be a strong lever of development and a true source of inspiration for many other projects initiators in the world.

This is what will dwell and motivate us during these 8 months to come, from Dakar to Bombay and Mandalay to San Francisco.

We hope that you will travel with us until the last stop-over and that you will enjoy the journey as much as we surely will.

Let’s meet again here on January 29th for the first take-off. And until then : Happy New Year !